Monday 22 April 2019

Digit Game Studios: Irish firm set to take app charts by storm

touching screen on tablet-pc
touching screen on tablet-pc
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

One of Ireland's biggest home-grown video game companies is set to top the global app charts with its latest release.

A year after it received €2m in venture capital funding, Dublin-based Digit Game Studios will release 'Kings Of The Realm', a fantasy game set in a world similar to 'Game Of Thrones'. The game, which cost more than €1m to create and launch, is set to race to 1m downloads in a month, according to co-founder and chief executive Richard Barnwell.

"It's the biggest Irish game launch in many years and one of the biggest in Europe this year," said Mr Barnwell. "We're very ambitious for it because of organisations like Google, which is getting right behind it. It wouldn't surprise me to see five million installs by Christmas."

'Kings Of The Realm' is set in a fantasy world with echoes of JRR Tolkein's 'Lord Of The Rings' and the popular television series 'Game Of Thrones'. A book series featuring the concept has also been agreed with Penguin.

"It's very much a transmedia venture," said Mr Barnwell. "We're pushing the boundaries of what we can do with this game, both on the marketing and the technical side."

The game earns revenue from in-game purchases for features such as armour.

"It's almost all from in-game purchases, although as a company we have taken a very ethical approach to these purchases," said Mr Barnwell.

"That means that there's nothing in the game you can't win or earn with free play. It's important that this remains a game not designed to be won by people with credit cards. Only a small minority people actually spend money in it."

Despite the cautious approach to in-game purchases, Mr Barnwell said that some 'beta' tester players have spent "thousands" within the game.

Last year, the company, which employs 20 people, raised €2m in a funding round led by Delta Partners.

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