Wednesday 21 March 2018

Improve client interaction with personalised e-shots/newsletters


Tara Dalrymple

We've all had 'that' experience -- wasting time deleting unwanted email marketing for anything from the dubious to the ridiculous. It can make it all the more difficult for legitimate messages to get read and be heard.

But personalised e-shots and newsletters can be a real key to succeeding in internet marketing.

They can develop the relationship between supplier and customer and -- just as importantly, especially in today's tough business climate -- increase your firm's money-making potential.

Take e-newsletters, for instance. They can endorse your website and you, underlining how you run your business, how you operate, and why you stand out from the crowd.

Nowadays, a lot of people can end up spending their time answering and reading emails rather than surfing the internet. With the help of an e-newsletter, you can take advantage of that trend and get in touch with existing and potential customers on a timely, regular basis.

For businesses with tight marketing budgets -- and even those with more to splurge -- e-newsletters are an obvious, affordable alternative to mainstream advertising and even to physically printed newsletters.

Prices for printed newsletters can vary depending on how many colours are used, for example.

Using e-newsletters would be more efficient because no matter how many colours you add, the price would stay the same; this way, you could be saving more money.

E-newsletters can also prove to be more accurate. They can direct people to your website with just one click of their mouse.

With a printed newsletter, the readers who even bother will have to type in your web address.

And with so many competing demands on their time and energy, even that relatively minor task can easily get ditched for something more pressing.

You can also track the effectiveness of your e-newsletter by being able to determine how many times the link attached to it was clicked on and how many times it was ignored.

You can even eventually survey those you send your e-newsletter to -- find out what they like and don't like about it and what they'd like to see in it.

This can help you identify just how interested your readers are in your e-newsletter and help you make it more compelling for those who don't (and even those who do) click that vital link.

That effectiveness also extends to the amount of chatter your e-newsletter can generate.

Just as a restaurant can rely heavily on good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth reviews, so too can firms come to benefit from similarly positive reactions.

It will be easier to advertise your product via friendly advice and reminders by sending your e-newsletter to people who send it on to others, who send it on to friends. That can build a chain that can make your business a hot topic. An e-newsletter can build and cement the connection between you and your existing or future customers.

With embedded images, from photos to charts, you can welcome people to your business in a way that can stoke their interest and hopefully make your e-newsletter essential reading.

The development of e-newsletters is helping to change the perspective of business. They improve the potential of connecting firms with prospects that could be the key to success. For business owners and sales staff, they can provide an invaluable tool.

But set out to create the best e-newsletter you can. That will greatly diminish the chances of it ending up in the virtual trash and instead make it a 'must-read'.

Tara Dalrymple is the founder of Busy Lizzie lifestyle management

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