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How to become a truly successful business owner


That's a stonking €74m in shares between the three financiers

That's a stonking €74m in shares between the three financiers

That's a stonking €74m in shares between the three financiers

The last few years have been chaotic for a great many people. We have seen the collapse of the banks, leading many to lose their livelihoods, some their homes, and others even their fathers.

Many are now homeless, many are in debt. Many more will lose their homes this coming year. Independence is a big deal; it saves us from mistakes, the mistakes of others, companies' mistakes, government mistakes, banks' mistakes, mistakes not of our making.

Look at what happens when we have others in control of our lives. Working for yourself will give you independence, working at something that you love, finding what's right for you, and getting up and doing it.

I hope It's Never About the Money encourages and inspires all those who read it. That's why it was written.

What I had in mind was a book for university students and those whose jobs have been made redundant, those who desire a new direction and those who want to take control of their own lives.

I wanted to help those who wish to be independent and inform them that being an entrepreneur is a state of mind. We all should be mindful that you do not become redundant - it's the job that's redundant and it's not of your making.

Much has been written about the entrepreneur, what it is that makes him or her a little different. In the view of some writers, the entrepreneur is seen as "the poor guy made good", uneducated with a desire to keep pushing in the fear he will end up poor again.

Surely, the only one who can comment accurately on the subject is the entrepreneur himself, and they seldom do. So if one was to ask this entrepreneur what was the secret to being entrepreneur I think my answer would be: did you ask the university student why he does not become an entrepreneur, why he wants to join a big name like Google, or a large accountancy firm, or "the Bank"?

The second question would be does he make his own decisions and know his own mind? It's not hard to see that university graduates would have a great start and would make superb entrepreneurs when you consider how well educated they are. Are they afraid, and if so, what and who are they afraid of? These questions to university students would give us great answers. If answered, the direction these guys take would bring us all a long way. I wrote the book to show that there are many people who do not understand that they are entrepreneurs. Take the guy who sees the need for a football club in his immediate area. I know one, and within a few years he had pitches and a club committee; he was running five or six teams and had somehow scraped the funds to keep it all afloat year after year. That is some result - he is an entrepreneur.

How many people have great and valuable skills that are not used? Yet with a little confidence and support, they could be up and at it.

It's Never About the Money is the story of an entrepreneur, written by an entrepreneur for people who want to become entrepreneurs. I have always been an entrepreneur: from the age of eight, I was out on the streets of Dublin selling 'painted sticks' for firewood to neighbouring households.

I developed a career as a salesman before deciding to strike out my own to be independent and make my own mistakes. Independence was a big factor for me. It's Never About the Money offers solid advice to anyone who ever thought about starting their own business - but was afraid to do so.

A favourite quote of mine, which I saw in carved on the wooden mantelpiece of a bar called The Stag's Head in Bray outside London, reads, "Fear knocked on my door. Faith answered and there was no one there".

'It's Never About The Money' by Frank McCarthy, published by Oak Tree Press

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