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Eight sectors where the positions are to be found

Even a brief study of the Department of Trade and Enterprise figures for work visas issued to non-EU citizens shows that there are severe skills shortages in this sector.

Around 100 work visas were issued every month last year to doctors and nurses from outside Europe.

As the population ages and people become used to good medical care, spending on healthcare rises regardless of income. Shortages are particularly acute among x-ray technicians, specialist nurses such as midwives and junior doctors.

2 Finance

While many banks are shedding low-level jobs, there is still a strong need for high-level positions as well as experts in issues that have been traditionally ignored, such as compliance and regulatory issues.

Organisations such as the Central Bank, the Financial Regulator, the National Asset Management Agency and the IFSC banks have all been struggling to bulk up their compliance departments.

3 Product design

A good area for architects who want to retrain, product designers are in short supply but desperately needed by Irish companies trying to revamp their products as they seek to expand into new markets overseas.

4 Environmental industry

As energy costs rise, more people, and companies, realise the importance of going green.

With the Government committed to ambitious targets to generate 20pc of our energy from renewable resources within nine years, demand continues to rise for professionals in the areas of solar power, renewable energy and energy-efficient construction.

5 Languages

Severe shortages of German, Dutch, Danish and Swedish speakers mean that people with these languages can be sure of walking into a job.

Those who have studied a technological subject such as engineering or chemistry can take their pick of jobs. Linguists who are strong at sales are also in demand.

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6 Life sciences

Big pharma have always been strong employers but the Government's recent efforts to attract the next generation of pharma companies, the so-called bio-technology sector, means there is strong demand for chemists who also understand bio technology.

7 Cloud computing

This is a relatively new sector but the experts believe it will create hundreds of new jobs. "It's going to change things," says Reed's Jamie Cunningham. "There's going to be a whole new range of job tasks and titles right to the top."

8 Gaming

The gaming sector is red hot right now and suffering major shortages of software engineers and the like. While similar to the technology sector, gaming companies tend to recruit people with experience in gaming as the skills are slightly different to other sectors.

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