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Digital spending a priority for small businesses post-pandemic



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Tech investments are now front of my mind for SMEs as the country emerges from the pandemic, according to a survey from Salesforce.

Many Irish SMEs have turned to technology to shore up their businesses and operating models over the last year and a half, including expanding customer service functions, improving collaboration between employees and deploying contactless and digital payments.

The survey from Salesforce, which sells software to SMEs, found that 95pc of Irish SMEs have moved at least part of their operations online since the pandemic begun, while 26pc have moved more than 75pc of their operations online.

Deirdre Purcell, area vice president at Salesforce Ireland, said the pace of investment over the last 18 months would have taken years under normal circumstances.

“Seventy-three percent of Irish SMEs say their business could not have survived the pandemic using technology that they would have had 10 years ago, so that’s an incredible shift forward.”

Purcell added that SMEs can be more agile in investing in tech, especially as the pandemic subsides and government
supports are tapered off.

“We’ve had a lot of time over the last 18 months to focus on this and I think SMEs have been very agile as well in that they can make decisions quickly,” she said. “SMEs can pivot far more efficiently, far more effectively with the right technology platforms than bigger organisations so I’d be confident that SMEs have put the right plans in place and put technology at the forefront of their planning.”

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