Thursday 20 June 2019

‘Companies are good at being better, but bad at being different’

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Jamil Qureshi is one of the world's foremost practitioners of performance-enhancing psychology and in 2006, he was appointed the first-ever official golf psychologist to the European Ryder Cup winning team.

He has also worked successfully with English Premiership football clubs, Formula 1 racing drivers, England cricketers, fighter pilots, and medical teams.

Jamil Qureshi
Jamil Qureshi

But his work is not limited to the world of sports.

He has developed and delivered management and leadership programs at board level for Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Emirates Airlines, Serco, Orange, and Royal Bank of Scotland and spoke to Brian Purcell on this week’s Ready Business Show about being better at business and leadership.

“Strong teams don’t necessarily have strong leaders,” he explained.  “It’s a fallacy.  What they do have is a team of leaders that have a high level of self-policing working together and respecting each other which can work very well.”

In terms of making it in business he says it’s not just about talent and hard work but how you apply that. 

“To do differently means to think differently.  Companies are good at being better, but bad at being different.  You need to learn faster and better than your competitors and you need an environment where you question each other.”

Some of the common challenges he comes across in the corporate world include mindsets based on old ways.

“You can’t trust the future to people who champion the past,” he says.  “In the 21st century it’s about mobilising talent differently, more disruptive thinking, being challenged, and having conflict and curosity.  40% of what you do is done by habit alone, done for the sole reason you did it yesterday.  You need to challenge these habits and question them.”

On this week’s Ready Business Twitter poll we asked listeners what they thought was the most important skill for leadership in the workplace and an overwhelming 67% voted for communications skills.

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As for Jamil’s final tips for business owners and entrepreneurs, he gives this advice,

“Be motivated by what you’re seeking to achieve not by what you’re seeking to avoid. Focus on the rewards of winning and what success looks like.  Don’t be worrying what you stand to lose.” 

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