Sunday 21 January 2018

Business Brain: Make sure employees know your organisation system

Tara Dalrymple

THERE are only two types of employees -- those who are well-organised because they simply crave structures and employees who love working or living in a disorganised world.

But it is amazing how even disorganised people still have the ways to find what they are looking for no matter how chaotic their situations seem to be. Seeing these people that way makes you think that they simply follow a 'system' which can only be understood by them alone.

Successful organisation is generally defined as spending the smallest or least amount of time required to perform the job

quickly and more efficiently. Organisation in the workplace is a matter of proper task delegation to the appropriate manpower.

Problems occur in the absence of organisation. If it is missing, then the operation seems to be chaotic and personal issues often become a problem.

So how will you ever know if your employee needs your support and assistance to get himself organised?

Below are some pointers and guidelines our organisation has developed to help you detect whether or not your employee needs to have help from you to get his life organised:

•It takes a longer period of time (seems like forever) for an employee to remember the things you have asked him.

•They are usually late when attending meetings at the office and they usually fail to present a report or information once they are there.

•Gets easily frustrated with small things within the workplace.

If these signs are evident in your employee then there should be immediate things that should be done to help them. Also included are some useful tips and guidelines to help you maintain a good and conducive working environment for you and your employees as well.

•Let your employees know how much you like working in an organised workplace.

•Let them know the kind of 'system' you wish to establish inside the workplace -- this will make them adjust themselves from their system to yours.

•Managers should be given tips and pointers on how to relay things concerning workplace structures to employees.

•Let the employees know when and where important papers should be documented and stored.

•Tell them of small details you want. For example, is it preferable for you to have simple emails or have those messages and documents printed.

•Everyone in the office should also inform you of the location of the important things needed in the workplace, no matter how big or small they are.

•Being an employer, you should help your employee know the ways in which they can identify the organisational structures or systems of their friends.

•Set up an organisation structure which may prove essential for employees to follow.

Everybody in the office may have his/her own organisation process but you have to understand that setting up and enforcing processes and procedures will greatly improve an organisation as everyone in the workplace will be following one basic organisation structure.

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Tara Dalrymple is the founder of Busy Lizzie, which provides advice on all types of back office outsourcing solutions, including quality social media services

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