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Saturday 24 March 2018

You've got to listen to your customer and then learn how to influence them

SOLUTIONS: “Successful companies solve their customers’ problems, not their own,” says Rossa Butler
SOLUTIONS: “Successful companies solve their customers’ problems, not their own,” says Rossa Butler

Rossa Butler

'I started my career working down on the shop floor in a medium-sized retailer during college.

"When I finished my degree, I quickly progressed to a management position, initially as an e-commerce manager and then as a marketing manager. There is so much that I have learned about marketing, business and leadership but for me, the five points below stand out.


"I passionately believe in the long-term benefits of growing and nurturing an engaged and loyal audience for your business.

"It's very easy to focus all of your efforts on the short- term goals of recruiting and retaining customers through paid media and promotions but giving your customers added value through engaging content is the key to standing out from your competitors."


"I've learned that the most successful leaders build and nurture a tribe-like culture and inspire their colleagues to be passionate, energetic, proud and ambitious.

"While culture doesn't appear as a line item on our balance sheet, in reality, it's one of the most impactful assets that we have."


"Successful companies solve their customers' problems, not their own.

"Genuinely putting our customer at the heart of everything we do and learning how to deliver tangible value to our customers - by extracting meaningful and actionable insights from our qual, quant and customer behaviour insight has been the cornerstone of our success."


"One of the most important skills that I have learned is how to influence people effectively and ethically.

"Influence and persuasion isn't just about banging your fists on the table - instead, learning how to influence the outcome of meetings by probing and asking the right questions is key.

"The science of persuasion revolves around six key factors and learning to harness these factors effectively can be very powerful."


"In an industry that is bursting with fads and buzzwords, I have learned how important it is to surround myself with peers, colleagues and business partners that have the right attitude, standards and energy levels.

"Genuine leaders have the ability to harness these attitudes and energy to build momentum and deliver commercial objectives."

Rossa Butler is digital marketing manager at Littlewoods Ireland, Ireland's leading online department store

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