Sunday 21 January 2018

Reacting through emotion is a characteristic I'd like to have overcome early

Eamon Fitzpatrick

Eamon Fitzpatrick is Managing Director of IPG Mediabrands
Eamon Fitzpatrick is Managing Director of IPG Mediabrands

The media industry is fast-paced and constantly changing. It reinvents itself continually, with new trends that need to be embraced and new technology that needs to be harnessed and understood. So, in common with every other business, there's a lot going on. And that's why it's important to remember to always do one thing... step back and breathe.

It can mean the difference between the right decision and a tired one, it gives you a chance to see all the moving parts of a business issue, whether they make sense and how they can be fixed or enhanced. Also, it provides you with the comfort of knowing that you've really thought through a particular issue or opportunity.

The main thing I wish I'd known about when I started in my career, was to be more calm and measured. Sometimes reacting through emotion at situations is a characteristic that I'd like to have overcome early in my career. As I get older the only opinions I look for are those that are considered, fully-formed and reasoned. Reacting without thinking is a foolhardy pursuit and always backfires. So, the learning to abide by is to think more, speak less and be measured with your words.

No matter what point you're at in your career or vocation, keeping informed and interested is incredibly important. When I was younger I could never read enough to keep up to date with current and financial news. Knowledge is everything and insight comes from knowledge. Read relevant books, articles, financial reports, stay up to date and have opinions on national and international events. Know your company and get involved and ask how you are performing. Hunger, interest and intelligence is what people look for in employees and colleagues. Show you are smart and willing to work hard and you will achieve your goals.

Always ask how you are doing and where you can improve, take the advice and show that you have worked on improving your performance. A willingness to pursue personal and professional growth is an admirable character trait in any person. What's more, you'll find that people will help you along your journey - so long as you show a willingness to learn and take guidance. I have been very lucky to have great bosses and I think seeking feedback and acting on it is an essential part of any advancement in your chosen career.

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