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How do I get my shop's customers to spend more?


Senator Feaergal Quinn

Senator Feaergal Quinn

Senator Feaergal Quinn

Q: How can I increase the amount that customers spend in my shop?

A: We could probably write a book on that topic alone as there is a vast array of tools that you can use so I will just focus on a handful here.

There are lots of physical changes you can make in your shop like locating promotional items in prominent spots, having good clear promotional signage, locating impulse items in high traffic areas and other practical solutions.

Where you can probably have even more impact is by getting your staff involved in looking at the 'Average Transaction Value' through upselling and related sales.

If not handled properly these can be damaging to the business so it is very important that the correct training and positioning is put in place before you set out on this journey. Upselling is not a matter of suggesting random things to a customer, but rather making practical suggestions that would assist the customer with the task in hand. For example, if I go to a paint shop to buy paint, then there is a perfect opportunity for the staff member to check to see if I am okay for dust sheets and fresh roller heads. Not alone is that good selling, but it is also good customer service as very often the customer will have forgotten these items.

In order to assist with raising the Average Transaction Value you might also want to consider incorporating this into your daily 'huddle' by updating the staff about progress on the figure versus a target you have set. You could also install a wipe board in the staff area which can also serve as a way of focusing on the topic by showing targets and progress.

Start by walking your shop tomorrow and looking for all of the opportunity areas both physical and also connected with the sales process. Very quickly you will be able to identify steps you can take which will help drive your average sales per customer upwards.

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