Sunday 17 December 2017

'Everything that comes across your desk is a potential time-suck. Never forget that...'

Keith Lacy CEO, Simply Zesty

Keith Lacy of Simply Zesty
Keith Lacy of Simply Zesty

Keith Lacy is CEO of Simply Zesty, UTV's full service digital agency. Prior to joining Simply Zesty he was a Director at digital agency Cybercom, and also helped establish in Ireland.

"It's really important to hire people with passion, people who care about what the company does. Qualifications and experience are relevant, but if they don't care about what the company does, it may just be a job to them.

"In an interview, you really need to hone in on whether the person has gotten to grips with the company, what it is that we do and that they are really excited about the opportunity. In hiring situations you really need to trust your gut - if something feels wrong, listen to that, even if everything else is saying that they fit the brief you have for the role.

"I'm a big fan of there being a process for everything, and a structure for every situation before we head into things. I've learned however, that in certain situations there is no substitute for thinking on your feet - and you can't use a process as a crutch, you need to engage your brain.

"In the digital world we can get wrapped up in the new and the shiny very quickly, as can clients. It was QR codes a couple of years ago, then it was Apps, now we're talking about drones and marketing automation...

"We can bog ourselves down in jargon and it is easy to get seduced by these kinds of things but in terms of any piece of work we do on behalf of a client, we have to ask, are we solving a business problem here? Or are we sending a message in way that will be clear and that will get through? If you're not doing either of those things, cut back to basics.

"There is never a perfect time to do something - sometimes you just have to throw yourself in. Whether it's rolling out the latest initiative or approaching that new client that you've been meaning to do for a while, you can convince yourself that the conditions aren't right. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself in and get going, and finesse your aim as you go having already fired.

"Get stuck in, make things happen - we have to make hundreds of decisions each day and you need to get going on the most immediate challenges you will never get anything done or go anywhere.

"And always know your worth - remember that everything that comes across your desk is a potential time-suck. Never forget that."

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