Friday 6 December 2019 Bringing beauty products to your home and business founders Anita Whyte and Paul Moran founders Anita Whyte and Paul Moran was established by Anita Whyte and Paul Moran after they returned from Australia and discovered a gap in the market for beauty products.

The one-stop shop for beauty products, or online store, delivers both Irish and international brands to homes and businesses.

And the company has just launched a beauty guide that allows visitors to an area to find hair salons, spas, etc in the region including details of the services on offer at that business.

A 'beauty guide' app is currently being developed and will be launched this summer.

Here are's top tips for success in business:

1.Customer is always right – the internet has changed many aspects of retailing over the years but we believe this adage still rings true as they are the life blood of any business. 

2. Hire The Best – surround yourself with the best you can get, be it a courier firm to a web developer these will reflect on you and your business.  Partner with brands and people that compliment your business.

3.Set targets and goals – setting targets and goals gives you something to aim for and exceed and instill confidence in your team and others around you.  It can quickly help identify what works versus what doesn’t and will help when your business scales up.

4.Be critical – you’ll never be fully critical of your business so try to train to ask people whose opinion you value to cast a critical eye over your business.  Someone telling you what you want to hear will not do your business any good in the long term.  Learn to separate that they’re critiquing your business and not you!  We believe this is a skill that is learned over time and can benefit you and your business greatly.

5.Believe – sounds like a cliché but you have to believe in what you are doing, that it is ultimately the best thing you could be doing, this will bring you through the tougher times of being in business.  People will see your passion if you believe and this is critical in its success.  And the same can be said if you don’t believe in what you are doing, people will see through that too.


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