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6 benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Consultancy


Close up of business handshake between two colleagues

Close up of business handshake between two colleagues

Close up of business handshake between two colleagues

Many SMEs can sometimes be reluctant to hire a recruitment agency, citing cost as the number one reason not to.

While a recruitment fee is unavoidable when using an agency, it’s money well spent when you weigh everything up. The financial (and reputational) impact of a bad hire, plus the drain on resources when trying to manage the hiring process internally, will always cost way more. 

There are several benefits of using a recruitment agency to fill a job vacancy are many and and here are our top 6.

1. Strong network of candidates

Chances are that when you decide to increase headcount, your network of people with relevant skills and experience is limited. By enlisting a recruitment agency you gain access to a wealth of candidates, most of whom are ready to make a career move and can be reached out to instantly.  They will have undergone a stringent recruitment process meaning technical, educational and behavioural competencies will have been assessed. The agency will also have a good understanding of what the candidate wants from their next job and how an employer can best manage their ambitions, so that time is not wasted on unsuitable candidates.

2. Industry knowledge

Most recruitment consultants will specialise in a particular industry. Partnering with someone who has industry-specific knowledge means they are mindful of market trends, salary levels, benefits,  and the latest skillsets required to be successful in your industry.

3. Candidates who are the right fit

At Executive Connections, we always get an in-depth knowledge of our clients - company history, case studies of great hires, company culture and all the elements that make your company a great place to work. We do this by visiting your company and meeting your team. This enables us to build a strong profile of your company for prospective employees but it also allows us to narrow our search and establish whether a person is the correct fit or not.

4. Time and cost savings

There’s no denying that the hiring process can be a big drain on time and finances  - from assessing headcount requirements, writing a job specification and advertising your position. Then there’s managing the process - from filtering CV’s and screening candidates to scheduling interviews and notifying unsuccessful applicants. Even after all that you still may not find the right person! Handing over these tasks to someone who does this everyday makes perfect sense.

5. An advisor and partner for your business

While a recruitment agency’s main role is to source the best talent for your business, it offers more than that. Using their expert knowledge and vast experience, some agency’s will advise on human resources issues, employee engagement practices, appraisal writing as well as offer recruitment coaching for non-HR managers .

6. A more streamlined hiring process

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Remember recruitment agencies are specialists in their field and are employed to take the pain out of the recruitment process. Each step is managed on your behalf as efficiently as possible -  interview scheduling, contract exchange, engaging with unsuccessful applications, and ensuring they adapt well to their new environment. When you partner with an agency you deal with one point of contact throughout, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined hiring process.

Founded in 1991 Irish company Executive Connections provides recruitment and human resource consulting services to the banking, finance and commercial sectors.  The company has recently launched a dedicated technology recruitment division focused on matching quality tech candidates with companies hiring in this thriving sector. Established and owned by Hilarie Geary, Executive Connections clients include a range of high profile blue chip companies. More information at www.executiveconnections.ie

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