Thursday 12 December 2019

Shortage of cyber experts could jeopardise Ireland's place as leading tech hub

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Sean Duffy

Ireland's place as a leading tech hub could be in jeopardy because of a shortage of skilled workers in the cyber security sector.

A new survey has revealed that Ireland has the second highest demand for cyber security professionals in the world, according to the study carried out by jobs website Indeed.

The research shows that employer demand far outstrips the number of interested candidates.

Ireland was second only to Israel when it came to demand for workers in the area of cyber security.

The survey also showed that Ireland still suffers from a skills gap in the area of IT.

Job interest in cloud computing services only met 9pc of overall demand, compared to a figure of 23pc in the US.

The area of application security is also underserved, with the supply of workers lagging at 20pc of the overall demand.

"The threat of cyber attack is a significant risk for Ireland, given it is one of the most dynamic technology and business hubs in Europe. As cyber attacks increase in scale and sophistication, Ireland employers are racing to recruit the right staff to protect their business," said Indeed EMEA economist Mariano Mamertino.

The threat of hackers and cyber criminals led to an increase in demand of 41pc for cyber security professionals between 2014 and 2016.

However, candidate numbers have failed to keep pace with the growing demand. The survey found that jobseeker interest in cyber security jobs met only 39pc of demand.

The survey did reveal that Ireland had made the biggest strides when it came to closing the skills gap of the ten countries surveyed.

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