Tuesday 25 June 2019

Sales guru tells Pendulum Summit 'sports teams are better run than most businesses'

Jack Daly speaking at the Pendulum Summit 2018 at the Convention Center
Jack Daly speaking at the Pendulum Summit 2018 at the Convention Center
Ellie Donnelly

Ellie Donnelly

An award-winning author and sales guru Jack Daly has told today’s Pendulum Summit that 'sports teams are better run than most businesses'

The two-day summit will play host to a range of top business speakers including Michelle Mone OBE and Richard Branson.

In a very energetic performance, Mr Daly told a packed Convention Centre that people do not want to be sold, businesses need to change the definition of selling.

A better definition, Mr Daly said was “help people to buy, help people with their needs and problems and opportunities and they will buy from you.”

“The secret of Amazon is that it is making it easy to buy, helping people with their needs and opportunities and problems”.

Key to selling he said was having the correct systems and processes, “there are not 2,600 best ways to sell s**t – find the best way and then we will kick the ass of our competitors.”

Mr Daly said that sports teams were run better than most businesses,

“There is not a coach in any sport that would consider putting a player on the field without the playbook and sufficient preparation and practice.”

“Yet [on average] 98 out of the 100 companies I have dealt with do not have a sales playbook, on Monday they sell one day, on Tuesday they sell another way and so on.“

To be successful in sales, he said you need to build the playbook, practice it, and enjoy success.

In a comment that generated much laughter from the audience, he said that “if you don’t have an assistant, you are one,” by this Mr Daly said that there were things that need to be done in sales but not necessarily by the sales person.

In addition he said that high payoff activities are the key to success.

Mr Daly went on to say that effective playbooks had two main contents;

One; backward thinking (goals, a written plan on achieving the goals, a system of measurement, and a system of accountability), from this the playbook should build the high performance activities, once this is implemented people will experience increased sales, revenue, and personal income, he said.

Two, proactive pipeline management; another key to sales success is to build client relationships,

“The better sales people in most businesses call less people and get greater sales, selling is the transfer of trust and people do business with people they trust.”

Additionally Mr Daly said that measuring your progress was key to success,

“Inspect what you expect, things that get measured get done.”

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