Thursday 19 September 2019

Ryanair fined €1.85m in Italy over the impact of flight cancellations

Stock photo: PA
Stock photo: PA

Donaol O'Donovan

Italian authorities have fined Ryanair €1.85m over the impact on passengers of the mass flight cancellations in September last year.

Italy’s AGCM competition authority said it levied the fine because the flight cancellations were a result of "organisational and management problems" at Ryanair, and not “unforeseen issues” beyond its control.

AGCM also said Ryanair was initially misleading in the ways in which it informed passengers of the cancellations – offering two possible solutions – a refund or ticket change to customer but not adequately informing them of their further right to compensation

The fine would have been bigger but the airline had improved its contact with customers and became more “proactive” in communication with consumers, AGCM said.

Ryanair updated the information on its website in February 2018, and has also contacted those affected directly, AGCM said.

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