Saturday 24 August 2019

Remember not to throw stones

Sir - Sinn Fein has exonerated Martin Ferris for his recent remarks linking the Portlaoise Prison service with Nazism, saying that Ferris was merely quoting what someone else had said. I'm surprised that he brought up the subject of Nazism in any guise.

Does he not recall how the IRA attempted to interfere with the freedom of the press in Kerry in 1974? The editor, Seamus McConville, was advised that he "should make his last confession" if the Kerryman newspaper published an article by Con Houlihan, which was critical of the IRA.

To their credit, Seamus and Con refused to be intimidated and stood up to the 'jackbooted' threat. They were under garda protection for weeks as was the office of the Kerryman newspaper.

I think Martin Ferris could do worse than reflect on the old adage regarding people in glasshouses throwing stones.

Jim O'Connell,


Dublin 7

Is it communism?

Sir - The way the Government is treating owners of rented property now is tantamount to 'creeping communism'.

The RTB (Residential Tenancies Board) is exercising undue control. Landlords are unfairly taxed as they pay an effective rate of 63pc and not allowed a full deduction for interest paid. If they are compelled to do repairs or fire prevention, it is treated as an improvement and they do not get a deduction, but get 'wear and tear' at 12.5pc for eight years. Rent control in various guises has been introduced and sale of property is restricted.

The owner is deprived of his right to private property as in article 43-2 of the Constitution.

"The State accordingly guarantees to pass no law attempting to abolish the right of private ownership or the general right to transfer, bequeath and inherit property."

The present policy is one of 'creeping communism' and should be referred to the Supreme Court.

James Mathers,

Barrington Street,


Sir - I'll do this, I'll do that, we can make this/that happen, I promise you this and that - it's all rubbish. What is actually being done?

I don't claim to know much about politics, but at the rate things are moving it's not exactly hard to keep up as nothing seems to be happening. All sitting on their leather benches with their fancy attire, driving their elegant cars with their handsome salaries and pensions - and for doing what exactly? Squabbling with each party trying to gain one-upmanship? It's an absolutely ridiculous carry-on, and the sort of thing you would see in primary school.

I find it downright cheeky of them to keep expecting to get away with this charade - then, on the other hand, we are no better either.

Do-gooders are saying this that and the other - and they are also doing nothing.

This country does not like change. "Ah, sure - it'll be grand." It's not grand - homelessness, house prices, justice system - it's all a complete farce! Reform is needed. I'm not sure how or where it is going to come from, but I know it's essential in order to stop this roller-coaster of ignorance, complete disregard and incompetence to the situation we are all in.

Instead of saying "this idea is flawed, I have reservations", just try something.

If it doesn't work, raise your hand and say it didn't work, or say what needs to be changed.

I'm not sure why I'm even writing this - I'll probably just stay on this unsteered ship that we are all passengers on, all contributing nothing!

Shane Crosby,

Navan, Co Meath

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