Monday 23 October 2017

When your four-year-old is singing that Disney tune

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OUT OF STOCK: Kids are mad about Elsa Sparkle
OUT OF STOCK: Kids are mad about Elsa Sparkle
Louise McBride

Louise McBride

Best value in: Elsa Sparkle dolls, sexy bras, bacon sambo, car insurance and vanilla milkshakes

Elsa Sparkle

Your four-year-old is singing the tune from the Disney film Frozen so often that you can almost recite it backwards at this stage. She's already got the Elsa Sparkle doll on Santa's list. Good luck finding it though. Most of the toy shops, including the Disney store on Dublin's Grafton Street, are out of stock. For one Elsa Sparkle doll - whenever it comes back in the shops.

Best €20 Disney store

Avoid €22.49 Argos

Save €2.49

Sexy bra

The wife has lost all interest in sex since she had the 12 kids. But you're still up for a bit of action. Perhaps a fancy bra might get her in the mood. Be sure to pass by the fancy lingerie shops though if you want any money left to take her out for dinner beforehand.

Best €12 Dunnes Stores (Pure Elegance)

Avoid €54.25 Ann Summers (Giles Deacon bra)

Save €42.25

Bacon sambo

You lost count of the pints of Guinness you knocked back when on the town last night. You've need a bacon sambo to cope with the hangover. Your wife, a goody two shoes, wants a chicken salad sandwich. For two takeaway sambos - one with bacon and lettuce at the very least in it, and a chicken salad sambo for the wife.

Best Tesco Express €5.70

Avoid Costa Coffee €8.30

Save €2.60

Car insurance

Your 67-year-old father-in-law, who lives in Ovens, Co Cork, is hopeless with paperwork - so you have to arrange his car insurance every year. For fully comprehensive car insurance for him with an excess of €300 and no claims bonus protection. He drives a 2011 Seat Ibiza worth €12,000 and has his full driver's licence. Somehow he also has a clean driving record with no penalty points or claims.

Best €280 Aviva

Avoid €537 Zurich Broker

Save €257

Vanilla milkshakes

The kids have developed a taste for milkshakes so you can't pass by a take-away restaurant without at least one of them having a tantrum. You don't have the patience for tantrums today so you're just going to let them have their way. For four large vanilla milkshakes for the squealing kids.

Best Burger king €9.80

Avoid Eddie Rockets €15

Save €5.20

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