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Saturday 21 April 2018

When it comes to home finance, we are here to help

Thomas Molloy

Thomas Molloy

WELCOME to the Sunday Independent's new and improved personal finance section.

We believe that personal finance is at the heart of every individual's life and we want to start a real debate every weekend about what to do with your savings and your debts.

But more than debate, we want to guide you and your family through the complex world of home finance.

In the months ahead, award-winning journalists Louise McBride and Charlie Weston will be using the extra space set aside for personal finance to help you.

We will be looking at ways of saving money and cutting taxes, but we will also be looking hard at new investment opportunities and the best methods to increase any savings and pensions you may have.

It is a fraught time for many families' finances. Many are struggling with debt. Many others with negative equity. Savers have been hit by low interest rates.

The good news is that for the first time in years there are good reasons to believe that the economy has turned a corner and things will slowly get better for most of us in the years ahead.

The Irish stock exchange is Europe's best performing stock market. Many investment funds have enjoyed a stellar year. Banks are meanwhile beginning to offer solutions to those in debt.

With this in mind, our reporters and other experts from outside organisations will be doing their best to point you in the best direction when it comes to protecting and increasing your wealth.

We will also be looking at the things you buy. Telling you what respected organisations are recommending when it comes to everything from new televisions to mundane products such as vacuum cleaners.

It goes without saying that personal finance advice is sometimes wrong. People and societies have been swept up in manias from tulips to Irish property over the centuries.

We cannot guarantee that we will always spot these delusions – but we can guarantee that we will always, always be on the side of the consumer and that we will never recommend anything that we don't believe in.

Best regards,

Thomas Molloy,

Group Business Editor

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