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Wednesday 17 January 2018

When in Greece...The latest travel advice


If you are travelling to Greece this summer, the advice from travel experts is to carry enough cash with you to last the entire holiday because of the greater risk of difficulty in getting access to ATMs or bank branches.

Although the restrictions for Greek residents on ATM withdrawals (currently €60 a day) don't apply to foreign tourists, it is probably unwise to rely on being able to access an ATM or bank.

"We are advising holidaymakers to be prepared and ensure that you budget carefully, taking enough cash to see you through your holiday," said Pat Dawson of the Irish Travel Agents Association. "Once you arrive in Greece, use safes and deposit boxes to store cash and split money between family members so that no individual is carrying too much around with them."

The Department of Foreign Affairs also advises taking more than one means of payment (cash, credit card, debit card), and enough money to cover emergencies and any unexpected delays.

Indeed, bank branches may be inundated with demands that delays may be likely. "Holidaymakers should be aware of the possibility that banking services - including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs - could potentially become limited at short notice," said Mr Dawson.

If you had booked a holiday but are having second thoughts, your airline or package provider is unlikely to offer you a refund.

Although the political situation remains unstable, the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin is not advising against travelling to the country.

It would be well worthwhile checking if your travel insurance will cover for any travel disruption and delays that could arise from civil action such as strikes, or hotels and businesses going bust.

If you've booked a package holiday, you'll be on safer ground in this regard than if you booked travel and accommodation independently.

But some travel insurance policies offer 'scheduled airline failure' or 'end supplier failure' cover and you are advised to check your policy to see if you have this cover, and if not, consider upgrading.

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