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We compare . . . the ins and outs of gadget insurance


What happens if your phone gets smashed?

What happens if your phone gets smashed?

What happens if your phone gets smashed?

Did you get a shiny new laptop or smartphone for Christmas?

Imagine how horrible it would feel to come home one day and find your technological thing of beauty had been stolen. January is a good time to think about gadget insurance - we weigh up three good options

AA Ireland

The AA will only insure your phone and tablet, not your laptop or other devices.

We ran the numbers on a top-of-the-range iPad 4. For €9.99 a month or €107.89 a year you get worldwide coverage for everything from putting your phone in the washing machine to loss and scratched screens.

That is an impressive degree of coverage; loss is not covered by all insurance providers.

If necessary the AA will replace your device by courier. On the downside, there's an excess of €85 if you claim for theft or loss within the first 60 days.

Blue Insurance

Blue is probably the biggest gadget insurer on the market - it runs a host of schemes under different brands. An iPad 4 costs €5.99 a month to insure with Blue Insurance, or €7.99 if you want loss coverage.

The excesses are a little bit more punitive here than with the AA. You must pay €50 before a claim can be processed, and an extra €45 if you claim within the first three months of starting your policy. You must also notify the company within 48 hours of the event that is likely to lead to a claim.

One Direct

One Direct's approach is not really about what device you are insuring - more about the maximum you can claim.

All of its three types of policies allow you to ensure up to five devices, but the maximum amount you can claim back with its top tier policy is always €1,000. That will cost you €149 a year. Its lesser policies, with which you can claim a maximum of €500, cost between €79 and €89 depending on whether you want identity theft coverage. Loss is not covered. The excess is quite reasonable, at just €25.

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