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We compare... best value in energy efficient LED TVs


From left: Samsung 40",  Panasonic 42" and Sony 40"

From left: Samsung 40", Panasonic 42" and Sony 40"

From left: Samsung 40", Panasonic 42" and Sony 40"

LED is the acronym du jour in the TV-buying world and it means that you can have a super-thin TV that uses less electricity than a gnat on a hot plate. But with stiff competition out there, which would look best on your living-room wall?

Samsung 40" €569.95

This Samsung TV uses LED lighting, it's 3D and it has a 400HZ screen. HZ (for hertz) determines how clear and defined your screen is going to be - so the bigger the HZ, the better the image. And 400 is good.

Secondly, it's Saorview-approved and comes with the RTE Player app.

And because it's 3D as well as high definition, Samsung will sell it to you with two pairs of 3D glasses.

There's more. Wi-Fi is built in and there's voice-interaction software if you fancy talking to your telly.


Panasonic 42" €443.95

Next up is the bigger screen TV at the lower price tag. With a 42" screen, if size is what matters, then the Panasonic is cheaper.

It too is high-definition but it has a lower HZ than the Samsung. Its screen is just 100HZ compared with Samsung's 400HZ.

This is also Saorview-approved to help you keep the household bills down.

The whole buzz around LED is that the lights are around the edge of the TV so you no longer need a big bulky beast - and if this TV is anything, it's slimline.


Sony 40" €597

It is not just houses that can get A-rated in the energy stakes.

This 40" Sony box has an energy rating of A - so the big draw here is that you get your big screen and clear picture but bills won't be through the roof.

Like the Panasonic it has a 100HZ screen so it also won't beat the Samsung in terms of image clarity.

On its stand it's nearly a metre wide, 92.6cm in width and in height it's 55.6cm tall.

This one is Saorview-approved like the others.

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