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We compare... best value in decorative wall clocks


From left: Newgate Putney, Jones Apollo and Red Precision

From left: Newgate Putney, Jones Apollo and Red Precision

From left: Newgate Putney, Jones Apollo and Red Precision

When adorning kitchen walls one usually has a choice between a framed family portrait or finger-painted artwork belonging to a three-year-old. But now a new player has emerged in the form of a wall clock. Looks are everything but prices swing from low to high.

Newgate Putney €115

At the top of the heap price-wise is the Newgate wall clock.

Newgate is run by British couple, Jim and Chloe Read, who fitted out an old Laura Ashley factory to make their clocks in.

Their design mantra is to have a touch of vintage and a sprinkle of modernity.

The Putney comes in black and red and also has a one-year guarantee.

Purchasers of the Putney need to be warned though - it's quite large so it needs a big wall, and secondly it's very weighty, so get a bracket to hang it.

Jones Apollo €47

Next in line is the Jones Apollo.

Jones make a range of classic wall clocks and have developed a name for reliability.

If you don't want to go Scrooge-cheap and still want a decent ticker the Apollo is worth a look.

Also coming with a one-year guarantee, it's a full 20cm smaller than the Newgate, as its diameter is 25cm.

The Apollo has a metal finish and a real 1950s look with clear numbering on the face. It's a solid clock at a mid-range price.

Red Precision €19.99

On the cheaper end of the scale is the Precision wall clock coming in under €20.

It's a simple timekeeper with an attractive price tag.

However, just remember that if you've splashed out on a designer kitchen, this one doesn't have the expensive finish of the others.

The clock in it is radio-controlled and its face is the smallest of the three at 23cm in diameter.

The Precision could work as a starter clock before you commit to a big buy.

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