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We are in our 'twilight years', our son has moved away and we are looking for retirement communities in Ireland. Please help!


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Personal Finance expert Sinead Ryan answers your property questions.

Q. Myself and my wife are in what's termed our 'twilight years' (we are nearing 80). While we are both well at the moment, we live in quite an isolated area and our only son has now moved to the UK, leaving us without close family near. I read an article some time ago about a retirement community where people like us can live independently, but where there is medical help and like-minded people of our age around. I can't remember if it was here or in England. Are there such places in Ireland?

A. There are indeed! Retirement villages or communities are definitely the way forward and, as most older people would prefer to stay in their own homes as long as possible, it's great that developers are recognising that putting certain supports in place can facilitate that. Most are centred around nursing homes, but are stand-alone private bungalows or chalets which can be leased. They can offer medical supports (like call buttons or nurses on site) meals, laundry and, of course, are built specifically with older people in mind, generally with rails, ramps and no stairs etc.

Unfortunately, you didn't mention where you live, so I'll direct you to a website which has a county-by-county listing and you can take it from there. It's www.retirementservices.ie, (085) 867 4977. Senior Care also has a great listing on its website (www.seniorcare.ie).

In addition, if it's the case you might avail of social housing and not be in a position to go privately, consider www.foldireland.ie (01) 8228804 for similar services. I'd also suggest you give Age Action a call (01) 475 6989.

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