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Sunday 25 August 2019

Virgin Media to become latest broadband provider to hike prices

Virgin Media
Virgin Media

Charlie Weston Personal Finance Editor

A fourth broadband provider is raising its prices.

The price rise announcement by Virgin Media follows similar moves by Eir, Sky and Vodafone.

A number of Virgin packages are to go up by €1.50 a month, while a discount applied to all bills will go from January, adding €3.50 a month to the cost.

Virgin Media customers will be contacted about this in the coming weeks, according to Maeve McLoughlin of price comparison site

The provider is removing what it calls a self-service discount. It said most of its customers are now registered for what it calls ‘My Virgin Media’, so the self-serve discount is being removed.

Virgin Media also said some customers will see the cost of their packages go up by €1.50.

It is to write to customers in the coming weeks. The change will be reflected in the first bill after January.

Virgin Media insisted these customers will still be paying less than new customers for their packages.

It comes as television and broadband customers of Sky Ireland and Vodafone are facing higher prices in the coming weeks.

The communications companies are imposing rises of up to €10 a month.

Vodafone Ireland said it is raising prices for some of its voice and broadband customers on older, legacy packages from December.

Among the plans that will be increased in price are Simply Talk, which is rising from €30 per month to €40.

Other plans going up in price include the company's Simply Broadband service, which rises by €7 per month.

And telecoms giant Eir recently hit its customers with a price hike, just a year after a previous rise.

The higher costs are set to affect long-standing customers, with those who recently signed up for a deal with Eir set to escape.

Increases have been applied to consumer and business voice customers, standalone broadband users and those with broadband bundles. Some 500,000 customers have been affected.

Consumers will see price rises of up to €84 a year, based on the rise in the monthly fee alone.

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