Monday 17 June 2019

Ulster Bank payment problems affecting other banks' customers

Ulster Bank head offices on George’s Quay, Dublin
Ulster Bank head offices on George’s Quay, Dublin

Sean Duffy

Ulster Bank has said it is working to resolve a payment problem that is affecting people across the country.

The bank said that the majority of the payment files were working as normal, but there were difficulties in processing some payments.

However a number of disgruntled customers have vented their frustration on Twitter. In addition to Ulster Bank customers, members of other banks have also been affected if the person transferring to their account is an Ulster Bank customer.

A number of people have contacted the bank complaining that wages and certain social welfare payments have not gone into accounts as expected overnight and this morning.

The bank said it was working to resolve the issue and stated that effected customers could avail of emergency cash in the meantime. However the bank said it would not be providing emergency funds to customers of other banks that have been affected by the problem.

Customers affected by the issues have taken to Twitter in search of a resolution.

A spokesperson said: "Some payment files have been delayed in the system this morning and we are working to have these applied as soon as possible. We apologise for this inconvenience and emergency cash is available to Ulster Bank customers if they contact us on 1850 424 365."

One customer has claimed that she desperately needs to pay her landlord, but is unable to do so because of the issue.

Another queries whether there will be charges due to the incident.

Ulster Bank Help's official Twitter feed has assured customers that they will "look at all effects caused due to this." In another response sent around midday, they added "We don't have that information at the moment I'm afraid. I would advise to call the number given within the link."

Sinn Féin Peadar Tóibín said no excuses from Ulster Bank are good enough after yet another failure to process workers’ salaries on time. He said the Central Bank needs to get tough on banks that don't do their job.

“I think most workers affected aren’t interested in excuses and neither should the Central Bank. The potential damage done to people who may now miss a mortgage payment or another important payment or simply have not had enough to fill their car with petrol this morning is massive. This is not the first time banks have failed and coming, as it does, from Ulster Bank it is particularly hard to stomach after their IT troubles of recent years," Mr Tóibín said

They told another customer that "regrettably we don't have a further update as yet, once we do, we'll let you know."

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