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The 60-second guide to... getting the best deal buying a car


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Check if there are any discounts on 171 plate cars - if you're after a new car. BMW for example is paying between €3,500 and €6,000 towards the cost of a new car under its 'Ultimate BMW Incentive' promotion. This offer, which runs until late March, is restricted to certain BMW models.

Time it right. Should you be looking to buy a second-hand car, and you don't have a car to trade in, the first week of January or February is a good time to get a deal - because the dealer will usually have a compound full of second-hand cars and be eager to clear as much stock as possible, according to Padraic Deane, managing editor of Automotive Publications. "The third week in January is a better time to seek a deal on a car if you have a trade-in," said Deane. "By the third week in January, the dealer will have had two weeks to sell his stock so you've a better chance of getting a good deal on your trade-in then than in early January. Get the car you're trading in presentable - so that it looks like it's a well minded car."

Should you want to buy a new car and you don't have a car to trade in, check the price of the car you're interested in with three dealers - including your nearest dealer. "If one of these dealers is offering a lower price than your nearest dealer, ask your local dealer to match or better the price," said Deane. "This approach is the only way you'll get a dealer to come down in price."

Check if your dealer offers interest-free hire purchase - if you're borrowing to buy your car. You'll avoid interest with such a deal but be sure you can repay the finance before the interest-free period expires. You usually need a large deposit to secure interest-free finance. Opel has an interest-free hire purchase deal over two to three years where a 50pc deposit is required. Renault offers interest-free hire purchase over three years while Volkswagen has an interest-free deal on certain new VW models.

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