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Friday 24 January 2020

'We looked at it ourselves, but I kept getting phased by all the different policies'

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Health insurance

Pauline Doyle and her husband, Brian, had health insurance through VHI for some 40 years, thanks to Brian's job in Eircom.

Now retired, they had been considering switching to a different provider or policy for a number of years because of hearing all about the new entrants to the health insurance market, but also the feeling that they were paying too much based on what others had told them.

"We looked at it ourselves but I just kept getting phased by all the different policies, the names are also similar," said Pauline. "I think they do it deliberately to confuse the public and the customers."

They had heard broker Dermot Goode, of, on the radio and got in contact. They had approached VHI some two years ago to ask if they could switch them to a better value policy.

"I understand now from Dermot that they should have offered us a corporate plan, which would have benefited us financially, they didn't."

After a consultation with Goode, they are about to switch from VHI, which had quoted them €2,100 per person to renew, to Laya for a policy with better benefits costing €1,330 per person - a saving of some €770 each.

The policy is also more tuned to their needs today, such as more cover for consultations on an outpatient basis, which they have previously had to pay for themselves.

Having switched health insurance plans, they now certainly intend to keep tabs on their policy again in the future and to switch again, if they need to, Pauline said.

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