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Friday 24 January 2020

'The two-year contracts from the usual suspects are so much more expensive'

Mark Beddis, a pharmacist from Dublin, is one of the growing number of mobile-phone users who have opted to buy their smartphone outright in order to avail of better value sim-only deals rather than pay for it through a bundle deal with a network operator.

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"I bought a new iPhone 11 this year and it was far cheaper overall buying it outright, but the last one I bought was from Harvey Norman where I think they do cheap credit deals if you want them."

"The two-year contracts from the usual suspects are so much more expensive, but people worry that they need to stick to their original provider as they think they have to lose their number or won't get signal."

Mark makes a fair number of calls and gets through about 10Gb of data a month, for which he was paying €50 a month with Three, while his wife, a slightly lighter user, was on Vodafone.

"Both companies made the unlocking more difficult than it should be, in my opinion" he said. "Vodafone in particular, but now the switching is simple and takes about an hour at most."

Since then, he has been regular switcher, switching from Tesco, Eir and Lyca to his current provider, Virgin.

He is currently on Virgin's very cheap €5-a-month deal for five months that will take him up to February, after which he will switch to another operator "and then probably back to Virgin to do the same offer again".

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