Thursday 17 October 2019

Super switcher: Shop around for motor insurance


Averil Larke
Averil Larke
Motor insurance premiums have fallen so make sure you get the best deal available. Stock image

Averil Larke from Celbridge in Kildare is a 54-year-old driver with a clean record and no claims against her, so when her then insurance broker, the AA, quoted her a premium of €968 on a 161 registration Peugeot 308 diesel car, she felt that it was time to look around.

"I'd been with the AA for a long time - more than 15 years in fact - and while I thought that changing my car to a 161 model at the end of last year might increase my premium, this was a big jump," she says.

"In the past, I've rung around and then gone back to the AA and they'd matched what I'd been offered, so I'd stayed with them out of convenience. But this year I decided to do some more research and see what was out there."

Averil was quoted €968 from the AA but found a new broker in O'Callaghan Insurances in Dundalk. On its website, it offered quotes from 11 companies that ranged in price from €502 to €800.

"It seemed crazy that it could be so much cheaper and I didn't trust fully that the policies being offered were comparable," she says.

"I contacted the consumer journalist Sinead Ryan to check it was all above board and she let me know that O'Callaghan is a reputable company.

"So I went ahead and got a quote from them of €502 with First Point Insurance. AA brokers said there was no way they could match it and when I actually went ahead with the deal, I got a further discount which brought it down to €483."

When she checked line by line, Averil says she felt it was a fully comparable policy and the result was a saving of just over half of the original quote.

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