Saturday 15 December 2018

‘Ring about or you’ll be letting yourself down’

Eugene McCann made savings by switching to Panda from ESB
Eugene McCann made savings by switching to Panda from ESB

PENSIONER and landlord Eugene McCann says if “you don’t change your energy provider, you will pay extra”. Mr McCann (75) from Dublin is always on the lookout for value due to his involvement in the property market.

“Besides my personal property, I have other properties, where the residents will be paying their own way, but you still need to keep on top of the providers to look for the best value for all involved.”

Mr McCann switched to Panda from the ESB in the last year and said he has saved money since the change of provider. Panda Energy Ireland is committed to being a green provider generated from renewable resources such as solar, wind and wave energy.

“I have always had low usage for my energy in gas and electricity, but the switch has made a difference,” he said.

“As with insurance, you can never be with the one provider for too long. All these markets are so competitive that when renewals come up, it is completely necessary to ring about, otherwise you will be letting yourself down.”

However, price isn’t the only thing Mr McCann considers when choosing providers. “Much like broadband, where you are looking for the fastest connection, you are also looking for good quality providers,” which, he said, helped him choose Panda for his gas and electricity.

Mr McCann rings around providers but it takes time, which can be the biggest challenge to people looking to change. “Luckily, I’ve got health insurance with my previous job so that’s one less thing worry about, making you able to look at other bills coming through the door,” he said.

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