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‘Ready-to-go €20-a-month plan meets my needs’


Frauke Weinand with her daughter Chloe

Frauke Weinand with her daughter Chloe

Frauke Weinand with her daughter Chloe

A Mother who switched her mobile phone provider has said the coverage on An Post Mobile “was just simply miles better”, compared with her previous provider.

Frauke Weinand (35), from Sligo, is a stay-at-home mother to 13-year-old Chloe, who has been on the waiting list for treatment for scoliosis, for over two years.

Mobile phone providers are something Ms Weinand has had to consider due to Chloe’s condition.

“If Chloe is in school and has had a problem with her back, she needs to be able to ring me in case of an emergency and I need to ring the services,” she said.

Ms Weinand switched four months ago from Three Mobile to An Post Mobile which is on the Vodafone network.

“I just felt the coverage was always an issue. An Post is on the Vodafone network so the coverage when we moved was just simply miles better,” she said.

Ms Weinand said she is a ready-to-go customer and pays just €20 a month, opting away from bill-pay options because the plan “meets her needs”.

It was important for the Sligo mother to choose the correct plan as she has no landline, so she relies completely on mobile phones.

The €20-a-month plan gives 3GB data, 250 texts and 250 minutes as well as €5 general credit, which Ms Weinand said is “more than enough”.

Ms Weinand’s husband is a web developer so his work demands internet usage, which she said is taken care of by the plan.

“Luckily at home, we have the internet provided through my husband’s job, but access to the internet is important to us in Sligo, where it can be affected by bad reception. The 3G works fine when we need it on An Post,” she said.

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