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Sunday 15 December 2019

How to switch... Utilities

Step 1

To find the best deals, rates and discounts, you can use an accredited gas and electric price comparison and switching service like or These sites offer very easy comparisons when you fill in all the relevant information about your average usage, including information about discounts if you opt for direct debit payments and online billing.

Step 2

To change your electricity supplier, you'll need your MPRN, a unique number for your home. Same goes for switching gas suppliers, for which you will need the GPRN, also on your gas bill.

Step 3

You'll need to provide meter readings when you switch. That's how your new supplier will know where to start billing and your old supplier will know where to stop. Taking readings yourself is best but if you can't, then provide the readings from the last bill.

Step 4

It normally takes up to four weeks for the switch but there will be no interruption in your supply. You'll get a closing statement based on your meter reading and once you've paid that, all your bills will come from your new supplier. You'll know when the switch has taken place when you get a welcome pack from your new supplier.


TOTAL TIME 30 mins

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