Friday 13 December 2019

How to switch... Health Insurance

Picture posed
Picture posed

Step 1

Work out your budget. Tax relief is allowed at a maximum of €200 (€1,000 x 20pc), but this is already assumed in premiums.

Step 2

Consider whether your children need to be covered. There are no private hospitals or beds in Ireland for children, so insuring may be a waste of money. What they will get is elective surgeries covered such as getting tonsils out or grommets in. Paying a big premium may not be worth it.

Step 3

Insure different family members on different plans. The cheaper plans should be reserved for kids and teens or adults with good work-place illness benefits, and look out for special offers which insure kids for less, or free.

Step 4

Look at to compare benefits side by side.

Ask insurance companies: "What is your very best plan for my budget and please include all your corporate plans." They will then be obliged to search through all their products.


€315.04 - courtesy of based on two adults, two children (age 7, 4) on a low-range plan (semi-private in public hospital cover).


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