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spend your pennies

The everyday tweaks that really add up

spend your pennies

There is more than €35m in one and two cent coins in circulation in this country - so raid your jars, piggy-banks and sofa for forgotten change.

non-branded medicines

Generic medicines - buying a standard paracetamol rather than opting for Panadol - can work out significantly cheaper. And don't assume every pharmacy charges the same; shop around for the best prices.

Use Your vouchers

Treat gift vouchers as cash. Check the expiry date and use them as soon as possible so they're not forgotten. The same applies for discount websites such as Groupon.

Kick your coffee and bottled water habit

Buy refillable containers for both and if you use branded coffee or capsules, stop - Lidl has a range of Nespresso machine-friendly refills for just 20c each.

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