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Wrong bank data delays home tax for 2,000


Revenue Commissioners

Revenue Commissioners

Revenue Commissioners

THE REVENUE Commissioners has written to thousands of homeowners advising them it cannot collect their property tax.

Some 2,000 homeowners have given their incorrect bank details, meaning that payments due today cannot be drawn.

The problem only affects property owners who opted to pay the tax by single debit authority, which falls due today and is expected to be drawn from bank accounts on Monday.

A Revenue spokeswoman said it had contacted banks last week to inform them that it would be drawing the payment, but the banks said they did not have matching details, meaning the payment could not be processed. An automatic letter was sent to these homeowners.

The spokeswoman said: "About a week ago we sent the electronic file to all the banks with the account details the individual had provided.

"In about 2,000 cases, their details did not match the account details the bank had. In that case, the individual gets an automatic letter saying the amount cannot be deducted.

"It would have just involved people inputting incorrect details. In (most) cases, people have contacted us. In most cases, they make alternative arrangements.

"They can opt for a single direct authority payment at... the earliest possible date; pay by debit or credit card, or opt for a phased arrangement.


"For deduction at source or direct debit, the payment will be spread across nine months, instead of 12."

One-in-four homeowners opted to pay the tax by single debit authority or in one lump sum.

Revenue sought BIC and IBAN codes to process the payments, which contain a mix of letters and numbers and may have caused some confusion.

The spokeswoman stressed there was no technical issues involved, and that direct debits had been processed as normal.

The news emerged as the Government announced details of a review of Local Property Tax amid concerns that rising house prices will result in higher bills.

The tax is based on the value of a home as of May 2013, and is applied for three years. Homeowners are expected to report updated values to the Revenue by November 2016.

Submissions on how the tax is levied should be made to ltpreview@finance.gov.ie by May 1. A report will be presented to Finance Minister Michael Noonan in the summer, and any changes are expected to be announced in the Budget.

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