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State collects €463m in local property tax as compliance rate hits 97pc


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Homeowners have until next Wednesday to pay their property tax by debit card, cheque or credit card, Revenue warned.

The tax authority said it collected €463m from the tax last year, with a large number of property owners having already paid for 2017. Some 97pc of owners paid the tax last year.

This was after 300,000 warning letters were issued prompting most to pay up.

Those who want to pay the tax by electronic cheque – what Revenue calls an annual debit authority – must inform tax officials by Wednesday about this, and the funds will be taken out of their bank account in March.

Collector-general Michael Gladney said that since Revenue assumed responsibility for collection of arrears of household charges in July 2013, more than €64m has been collected.

This period saw 360,000 properties captured by the tax.

“The vast majority of property owners fully comply with their local property tax payment obligations, either in a single payment or with phased payments,” he said.

“As long as payment obligations are being met, Revenue will automatically roll over existing payment methods for property owners who pay by direct debit or by deduction at source from pay/pension.”

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