Tuesday 17 September 2019

Rock bottom: Family evicted so house could make more rent

Stephen McEvoy. Picture: Kyran O'Brien
Stephen McEvoy. Picture: Kyran O'Brien
Conor McCrave

Conor McCrave

A father has told how his family "hit rock bottom" after their landlord evicted them, saying the property was to be sold - only for it to be let out at a higher rent.

Stephen McEvoy, his girlfriend Frances and their children Channelle (10) and Ryan (7) were forced into emergency hotel accommodation last January after being evicted from their home.

He described this as a "major low point" in his life and said he never thought he would be in such a "desperate" situation.

"We hit rock bottom really and we were devastated but we just tried to do our best for the kids," he said.

"The notice came in September 2017 and the landlord said he wanted out of the rental market completely and that was it.

"It went back up online about two days after we left. We were out on the Wednesday and it was back up on the Friday and rent was up by €350. I cried a bit and I'm a hard person to get a tear from, but because we were living there for six years, it was our home."

Mr McEvoy said it was hard to hear his children saying how they missed their "old home".

"It has had a big impact on my kids, they were heartbroken, they still talk about how they would love to go back.

"When your 10-year-old son says I miss my own room and having his friends over - that is the toughest part."

National housing charity Threshold reported 555 cases so far this year of tenants being evicted after being told the property they were renting was being sold.

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