Saturday 19 October 2019

Property tax: midnight deadline looms

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

HOMEOWNERS have until midnight tonight to register for the property tax or face the prospect of being hit with fines and a tax inspection.

Some 400,000 people have yet to send returns to the Revenue Commissioners, and those who fail to register will have the tax deducted from their salary from July 1 next, and could be hit with late-payment penalties.

Some 65,000 people signed up yesterday following a late surge of applications over the weekend.

Some 1.2 million people have agreed to pay, suggesting a compliance rate of about 75pc.

Returns must be filed online at, or by calling a helpline 1890 200 255 up to midnight tonight.

A customer service agent will file the return electronically for those without access to a computer.

Revenue has warned for months that it will deduct any outstanding monies from salaries, pensions and social welfare payments.

The first group to be hit with the PAYE workers, with an annual interest charge of 8pc being levied on late payments.

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes said that numbers who have failed to register showed that people were boycotting the tax.

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