Friday 22 November 2019

'Our family is trapped in our badly built home'

Adrienne Barr, whose house in Balbriggan, north Co Dublin, contains pyrite
Adrienne Barr, whose house in Balbriggan, north Co Dublin, contains pyrite

Emma Jane Hade

Fourteen years ago, Adrienne Barr made the big decision to get on the property ladder and bought a two-bedroom home in north Dublin.

The then 24-year-old was proud of her buy. It was a starter home to help her onto the first rung, with a view to trading up when the time was right.

She never intended to raise a family in her starter home, but since she discovered pyrite in the house the mother of two has been unable to move.

Adrienne finds herself still in the property 14 years later, with a husband and two young children.

They are the victims of shoddy building materials as much as the vagaries of the property market.

She said: "We can't get rid of it, as much as would love to, because there is pyrite in it."

Adrienne said she first suspected that there was pyrite in the property four years ago.

"Then it was confirmed that pyrite was in the estate a few years ago.

"We have been accepted on to the Pyrite Remediation Scheme, but we are still waiting."

She estimated that it would be at least two more years before she benefits from the scheme.

And Adrienne, now 38, fears this may affect her family expanding.

"We are completely stuck in a rut," she explained.

"It's an absolute nightmare. We would love to get out.

"But it is obviously stopping us from increasing our family.

"We can't have any more children in that house and I am not getting any younger.

"We would have nowhere to put the children."

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