Thursday 5 December 2019

Late-boom mortgages in arrears most often

Charlie Weston Personal Finance Editor

THE mortgage holders most likely to be in trouble meeting their repayments are those who took out large loans near the end of the housing boom.

And despite the fact that they've been securing interest-only deals – which reduce the payment costs – many of these residential mortgage holders are falling back into arrears.

Central Bank researchers have found that larger mortgages – those over €300,000 – have a greater tendency to be six months or more behind on their repayments.

"It is clear that it is the larger mortgage accounts that are persistently in long-term arrears (greater than 180 days)," the bank said.

Mortgage holders who are six months or more behind on their repayments represent the category of arrears that is rising at the fastest pace.

"These indicators suggest that it is typically larger, mid-to-late boom period mortgage accounts which are experiencing the most difficulty in terms of arrears," the bank said.

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