Wednesday 21 February 2018

How to use 'How Much Is Your House Worth?'

Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the area you wish to view.

In each area we have listed the most common property types first. These usually included family sized homes such as three and four-bed semis in cities and three and four bed bungalows in the counties.

Trace down through the table to find your property type. You will see our valuer's estimate of how much an average property in the area will sell for today.

Here you will find the previous two year's average value estimate for this property type and a forecast figure based on how the local auctioneer believes this type will perform in the year ahead while subject to conditions currently prevalent in your local market.

We list the better known locations or biggest population centres in each and every market. In some cases (egs: Terenure, Milltown and Portarlington), locations span more than one postcode or county.

You will find an "average price" listed for your local market overall. This figure has been gleaned from the most average property types in the area.

Where there have been too few property types to warrant a listing in our tables we have left these out entirely - for example there are few period two-storey over basement properties in Dublin 10 (Ballyfermot).

How Much Is Your House Worth? 2016 is an opinion-based survey built on the local expert's professional informed view on what an average version of each type will sell for today. Other surveys are based on asking prices which are largely irrelevant.

How Much Is Your House Worth? 2016 has had its valuations carried out in a period during which prices tend not to move, the weeks before Christmas to early January.

All figures are based on the "average of the averages" so if your home is located in a better part of your postcode or county, you will have to factor in those differences.

It is worth noting that some property types and some markets will occasionally exhibit trends which defy the market norms.

Where possible, we have explained these irregularities. For example South Wicklow bungalows outside towns are more expensive than those in town simply because of massive shortage.

Where a market is too geographically large to be covered by the expertise of one agent, we have sought the help of two (Donegal for example). Where highly priced enclaves can skew prices elsewhere too radically we have split out markets and analysed them separately (Clontarf has its own category within the other much cheaper D3 markets and Killarney has been split from the rest of Kerry).

Finally we have accompanied each market with a picture of a property which has been sold in the last 12 months and we have included the official price listed on the national property price register for that property.

You can use your price guide not only to value your own home but properties all over Ireland - making this publication perfect for those who fancy acquiring a holiday home, an investment property or indeed having a good nose into the values of homes owned by others. How much is your house worth in 2016? How much is theirs worth? has the answers.

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