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Dublin 17: D17 price surge is among the highest in the capital


67 Adare Road in Coolock, Dublin 17 sold in November for €260k by Eugene Berry

67 Adare Road in Coolock, Dublin 17 sold in November for €260k by Eugene Berry

67 Adare Road in Coolock, Dublin 17 sold in November for €260k by Eugene Berry
  • Average Price €325,000
  • Areas Balgriffin, Clare Hall, Darndale, Clonshaugh
  • Up + 10%
  • One Year Forecast + 8%
  • Assessing Agent GWD

Compared with some other Dublin postcodes, property values in Dublin 17 are up substantially, by 10pc. The price of an average three-bedroom semi-detached house has increased from €295,000 to €325,000 over the course of the past twelve months.

Dublin 17 remains one of the most affordable parts of Dublin in which to buy property, and its reputation for problems related to anti-social behaviour is now on the wane.

Local agent Brian Caulfield says that much of this is down to the lack of choice available to first-time buyers.

"They want to be close to family, but they can't afford Donaghmede, so a wealthier purchaser is coming into Dublin 17 and that is having an effect on the area," he says.

Dublin 17

House Type 2018 2019 2020
3-bed Semi €295,000 €325,000 €351,000
4-bed Semi €325,000 €365,000 €394,000
3-bed Bungalow €270,000 €315,000 €340,000
One-bed Apartment €155,000 €190,000 €205,000
Two-bed Apartment €190,000 €225,000 €243,000
3-bed Terrace €240,000 €250,000 €270,000
Ex-Corporation 2-bed €220,000 €245,000 €265,000
Ex-Corporation 3-bed €255,000 €280,000 €302,000

Amongst the examples that Caulfield cites as indicative of the changing fortunes of Dublin 17 are the sale of a three-bedroom house on Newbury Avenue - with an attic conversion and the possibility to extend - selling for €325,000, and a 'bog standard' three-bedroom semi- at Clare Hall selling for €310,000, €15,000 above the asking price.

The older Riverside development, which Caulfield describes as a 'lovely area', is this year's Dublin 17 hotspot, where Gallagher-built houses with separate kitchen, dining and living rooms, three bedrooms and a bathroom are in serious demand.

Property Hotspot: Riverside, Clonshaugh

One of the last Gallagher-built estates on Dublin's north side, houses in this mature area always sell quickly.

For the year ahead Mr Caulfield predicts further growth averaging 8pc, and hopes that two new lending banks - An Post and ICS' Dilosk - will facilitate the backlog of prospective purchasers who have found it hard to secure mortgages with AIB and KBC. which Mr Caulfield claims are the only banks which lent to any degree for property in Dublin 17 last year.

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