Wednesday 26 June 2019

Fancy some peace and quiet? Buy your own island in Cork for €150,000

Mannion Island (Image via Google Maps)
Mannion Island (Image via Google Maps)

Charlotte Ryan

With a three-bed semi-detached house in Dublin selling for €400,000 on average, someone looking to make a dent in the real estate market might be better off buying their own island.

Mannion Island, located in Co. West Cork, is officially up for grabs for just €150,000, which would get you a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Finglas.

Listed by luxury island real estate agency Vladi Private Islands, the island measures four acres and sits in Dunmanus Bay, 200 metres from the shore and 500 metres from a newly constructed pier.

Although the property boasts a natural spring, fertile land covering approximately 60pc of the island’s surface area, a sheltered cove and surely breathtaking views, hopeful buyers would have to make due with starting their island life from scratch.

The island is listed as “as is”, meaning there is no house, building, structure or ruins on the property, requiring considerable work by the buyer to get started. There is also no electricity, although the agency suggests using solar panels or a wind turbine.

Vladi Private Islands, owned by Farhad Vladi, are considered the biggest international island brokers, and have sold over 2,000 islands across Greece, Italy, Turkey, Nova Scotia and even further afield.

On the company site, Vladi states that those who own islands are united in being “extreme individualists with great perseverance when it comes to carrying out their personal endeavours”.

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