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Dublin house prices up 0.5pc in April but down 55pc since 2007

THE decline in Dublin property appears to have been halted, according to the latest official figures.

New stats for April show residential property prices rose 0.5pc in Dublin.

But the Residential Property Price Index showed that on a national level, residential property prices fell by a further 1.1pc in the same month.

There had been no decline in March..

The CSO - Central Statistics Office - figures also showed the rate of decline in residential prices nationally has increased, with prices falling by 16.4pc compared to the same month last year.

And despite April's rise, Dublin prices are a massive 17.3pc lower than in April 2011.

Overall, house prices in Dublin are now 55pc lower than at their height in early 2007 and apartments are 60pc lower than 2007.