Sunday 26 May 2019

Cramped flat with view of a brick wall from the bedroom window for €850

The view from the bedroom window of an apartment in Dublin
The view from the bedroom window of an apartment in Dublin
The bed in a studio flat in Dublin 4
The cramped bathroom in a flat in the capital

Meadhbh McGrath

Cramped apartments, some of which are so small that the beds are pushed up next to the kitchen counter, are being advertised online for close to €1,000 a month.

We visited a number of apartments advertised online for just below €1,000 across Dublin city - many small and basic.

However, tenants desperate to work and live in the city have been eagerly snapping them up, as potential renters lined up with references in hand to speak to the landlords.

In Dublin 1, one such apartment was advertised for €850 a month.

Before agreeing to a viewing, the landlord made repeated requests to see a passport, and asked to know where potential tenants worked and whether they were in college.

Inside the door, guests were greeted by the foot of the tenant's bed, which was nestled between the tiny bathroom and the kitchen/ living area.

Above the kitchen space - which consisted of a fridge, an oven and hob and a microwave - the walls were stained with dirty brown grease patches.

Next to the kitchen, a small dining table with one chair was pushed up against the tatty leather sofa, which was heavily cracked and split and covered in tears and scratches.

A coffin-like bathroom included a toilet and barely enough room to wrap a towel around yourself after hopping out of the shower.

The current tenant had left a full bag of rubbish by the bed.

Another so-called 'studio apartment' in Dublin 4 was on offer for €955 a month.

The room contained a double bed squeezed up against the sofa, with just a foot of space separating the end of the mattress from the kitchen counters.

The tenant would have to eat their dinner on the couch, as the room offered no dining area.

The flat had its own separate bathroom, with a toilet and a tiny shower.

A shabby-looking flat in Dublin 8, in which the bed was housed in what appeared to be a converted closet, was advertised for €850 a month.

The living, kitchen and dining area were in a separate room, and a small staircase led to the tiny box bedroom. Inside, the double bed left barely enough room to shuffle to the wardrobe, which sat above on a raised platform.

The small bedroom window enjoyed a view of a brick wall.

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