Friday 18 October 2019

Co-living scheme with bedroom of just 6.3sqm is rejected as 'unacceptable'

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Photo: Stock Image

Gordon Deegan and Ian Begley

A shared-living build-to-rent accommodation scheme in Harold's Cross, Dublin, that included one bedroom of just 6.3sqm has been turned down.

Ireland Israel JV Fund Ltd's plans to build the 61-bedspace scheme in Harold's Cross Road featured bedrooms which fell well short of government guidelines for size.

In turning down the application, the city council stated that the scheme would fail to provide an acceptable living environment for future residents of the development.

Ministerial guidelines have laid down a minimum of 12sqm in bedroom sizes in shared-living accommodation.

But a small number of bedrooms in the development, fell well short with one bedroom at 6.3sqm, another at 7.5sqm and another at 9.7sqm.

The council found that the scheme fails to provide an acceptable living environment due to a number of substandard bedroom unit sizes and a shortfall in the provision of communal facilities.

It is the second shared accommodation plan rejected by the council this month.

It also refused planning permission to Bartra Capital for a 102-bedspace shared living scheme in Rathmines.

Green Party Cllr Patrick Costello lodged objections against both the Bartra Capital and the Harold's Cross applications.

He said shared-accommodation housing "is a race to the bottom in terms of housing standards and it's a good precedent that these applications have been refused".

Meanwhile, a vote to limit the number of hotels built in the city centre has been passed by Dublin City Council.

Following the closure of The Bernard Shaw pub in Portobello, Cllr Costello tabled a motion to stop the "increasing erosion of cultural life and space". "There has just been a drip, drip, drip of closures of important cultural and art spaces in the city," he said.

"The purpose of my motion is to ensure that we have a development plan that will include culture institutions instead of just new hotels."

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