Monday 20 November 2017

Ask the Experts: How has this Government performed in tackling the housing crisis?

Patricia Byron, director general of the SCSI
Patricia Byron, director general of the SCSI
Marian McQuillan, Ceo of Quillsen
Pat Davitt, CEO of IPAV
Keith Lowe CEO Douglas Newman Good

Marian McQuillan

Marian McQuillan, Ceo of Quillsen

The housing crisis is as a result of a lack of supply of homes at affordable levels in Dublin.

Overall the Government has taken a 'hands off' approach to the housing market and appear to be leaving it to market forces - which at this point in time is not working.

Marian McQuillan is the CEO of Quillsen, formerly Gunne Estate Agents and was previously a director of Purcell McQuillan Tax Partners.

Pat Davitt

Pat Davitt, CEO of IPAV

Housing issues straddle a plethora of Government departments, an issue not confined to housing policy but given that housing has gone from extreme boom to extreme bust it needs a whole approach to steady the ship and put it on a more sustainable path.

IPAV has proposed many times a full Government ministry with the support of an ad hoc property council made up of all stakeholders to advise and input.

Pat Davitt is the CEO of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV). Pat has more than 33 years experience in the sector, spending much of it running a family based auctioneering firm in Mullingar.

Patricia Byron

Patricia Byron, director general of the SCSI

The Government appears to be reactive rather than proactive.

The SCSI has been calling for a Housing Authority to be charged with the delivery of the national housing requirements allowing local authorities to make more informed choices about how best to provide a sufficient supply of housing at a local and regional level.

This authority must have the power to implement suitable policy.

Patricia Byron is the director general of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland which has 5,000 members working in the property and construction sector.

Keith Lowe

Keith Lowe CEO Douglas Newman Good

With only 2.6 homes changing hands per 1,000 population in Ireland last year the property market is still not operating normally when compared to activity levels in the UK (double this figure).

Notwithstanding 'Construction 20:20', the benefits of which are difficult to readily identify, the Government seems to have decided that increasing the supply of new homes and rent certainty is the answer to the current crisis.

This policy is not sufficient to deal with the scale of the problem. Ireland does not have a housing sale crisis.

 If we did there would not be 23,000 houses advertised for sale - they would be all sold. There w ould be queues outside all our show houses which there are not.

What we have is a social and rental housing crisis; and the government need to formulate a more specific Housing Policy to address these issues.

Keith Lowe is CEO of Douglas Newman Good, which has 75 offices throughout the country. He has 32 years experience in the property sector having joined the firm in 1984.

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