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Felicity Fox

Felicity Fox

Felicity Fox

Is Dublin's market headed for a crash?


Felicity Fox

No. Prices are still a good 30pc shy of where we were at peak. The growth that we have seen has rebalanced an undervalued property market. Ireland is a nation of property owners, we don't like renting, hence, there will always be demand.

Michael Grehan

Sherry FitzGerald

I don't believe so. This is a supply problem which I am confident will be dealt with by increased market activity, on the back of a rebounding economy and in particular, anticipated increased levels of building.

keith lowe

Douglas Newman Good

Just under 40,000 new jobs were created in the capital last year (many new employees moved to Dublin from outside the capital). Only 10,000 homes changed hands in 2014 in the city which is in or around 2.25pc of housing stock per population. The number of vacant properties in Dublin is minimal and demand currently exceeds supply in most areas.

Property price inflation has also moderated in the last three quarters, which is welcome and if this trend continues, the Dublin market should remain robust.



Not in my opinion. Demand is still reasonably strong based on viewing numbers and requests in the last few weeks.

Pat Davitt


I don't believe it is. IPAV predicted in November prices were stabilising and would not achieve the yearly high predicted for the end of 2014. This has turned out to be the case as evidenced by a number of year-end surveys. I believe the market is levelling out. Buyers are more carefully weighing all options before making purchases.

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