Friday 18 October 2019

25,000 had social housing needs met last year: Murphy

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy
Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy
Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy will today launch a defence of the 'Rebuilding Ireland' plan, saying the Government exceeded its social housing targets in 2017.

Figures to be released by the minister show that more than 25,000 new individuals or families had their housing needs met last year.

Despite homelessness levels continuing to rise, an end-of-year report by the Department of Housing will show that the overall target for new social housing supports was exceeded by 23pc.

"To put it another way, in 2017, 100 new households had their social housing need met each working day of the week," a source said.

It is understood a significant proportion of these were helped through the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) scheme rather than getting a new social house.

Construction figures from September 2017 show 3,700 new social housing homes being built across 190 sites.

Mr Murphy will tell a press conference in Dublin today that the number of social housing homes built in 2017 is more than three times the number built in 2016.

A total of €1.4bn was provided by the Government as part of the 'Rebuilding Ireland' plan in the past 12 months, including an additional €100m in December alone.

And more than 17,500 new homes commenced construction, an increase of 33pc on the previous year.

While the minister will claim the end-of-year report shows significant progress, Opposition parties have repeatedly questioned the statistics supplied by his department in recent months.

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